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The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) was designed to analyze the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty in individual countries, and provide a roadmap for governments, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations in their efforts to build more equitable societies. Directed by Nora Lustig, the CEQ is a joint project of CIPR and the Department of Economics at Tulane University and the Inter-American Dialogue.Read More

New!!! May 2015: Tulane launches the Commitment to Equity Institute

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7/6/2015 VoxLACEA blog “How middle class are middle-income households in Latin America?"  Click Here  

7/6/2015 FUSADES publication with you (Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y Social), where CEQ findings were used extensively to support policy proposals. It is available at the Inter-American Development Bank:   http://publications.iadb.org/handle/11319/6986  and at fusades.com: http://fusades.com.sv/node/6742

6/23/2015 Nora Lustig will serve on the World Bank’s Commission on Global Poverty announced today. The Commission’s mandate is to report on the best ways to measure and monitor poverty and deprivation around the world. Click here

6/23/2015 A missing target in the SDGs: Tax systems should not reduce the income of the poor. Click here

4/16/2015 CEQ data is featured in the World Bank's LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Equity Lab. Click on Fiscal Policy in the menu bar on the left hand side to see the CEQ data in English and Spanish.

4/16/2015 Check out Charles Kenny's Center for Global Development blog "Let's Mobilize the Right Domestic Resources for Development." 
Charles cites Nora Lustig's Commitment to Equity results. 

4/15/2015 Check out CEQ Director Nora Lustig's co-authored blog, "The Sustainable Development Goals - Reject Tax Targeting" on the Institute for Development Studies' (IDS) website. Click here

2/24/2015 The World Bank's Ethiopia Poverty Assessment 2014 is now available. Chapter 5 summarizes the findings of the CEQ assessment. Click here

2/10/2015 CEQ on the Center for Global Development's Global Prosperity Wonkcast (Episode Title: The Commitment to Equity Assessment (CEQ) - Nora Lustig, May 2014 ) Click Here

10/21/2014 Fiscal Policy, Inequality and the Ethnic Divide in Guatemala is now available.
Click Here

CEQ has partnered with the World Bank to do a CEQ Assessment in Georgia.

05/15/2014 The Redistributive Impact of Taxes and Social Spending in Latin America. Special Issue. Public Finance Review, May 2014, Volume 42, Issue 3, edited by Lustig, Pessino and Scott is out! Click here.

5/8/2014 New CGD Partnership: Commitment to Equity Assessments of Impact of Fiscal Policy Click here

04/15/2014April 2014 CEQ is very pleased to announce its partnership with the Center for Global Development Click here.

3/31/2014 CEQ has partnered with the Economic Research Forum to do a Commitment to Equity assessment in Egypt.

3/6/2014Higgins and Pereira on anti-poor effect of Brazil's consumption taxes mentioned in Folha de Sao Paulo Click Here

3/1/2014 How can fiscal policy be beter aligned with scaling up service delivery.
Nora Lustig - Tulane University
Click Here

2/6/2014 UNDP presented CEQ-Costa Rica results to Minister of Finance on Feb 6, 2014 Click Here

1/23/2014 Nora Lustig was appointed Vice-chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Development Network (GDN), a public International Organization that builds research capacity in development globally.

1/23/2014 (Spanish) Entrevista a Nora Lustig por el Programa de Género y Diversidad del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. ¿Consiguen los impuestos y el gasto social recortar la brecha que existe entre los ingresos de los que más ganan y los que menos, tienen de una forma equitativa para todos los grupos raciales y étnicos? Ver entrevista

1/14/2014 Nora Lustig featured in the Latin America Advisor Q & A, “What is the State of Poverty and Inequality in Latin America?” Click Here

11/8/2013 Gates Foundation awards US$580,000 to Tulane University to apply the CEQ in Ghana and Tanzania.Click here

6/10/2013 On June 10-12, the CEQ project joined forces with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management group of the World Bank to launch pilot studies in Armenia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Jordan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Click here.

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